Saturday, April 08, 2006

Coming Soon to A Theater Near You!

Not quite ready to go, but soon - Knitty D and the City will be hitting the airwaves. We've got our software, we've got our feed, now all we need, is . . . uh, a show.

Join us on our knitting journey through Philadelphia. Each month (or maybe twice a month), we'll pick a lovely Philly locale to sit and knit, chat and share - I know, can't you hear the string music SWELLING!!! We'll be roadtrippin' to Maryland Sheep and Wool, making the pilgrimage to South Philly to watch our dear Phils crush those damn Yankees, and of course, the can't be missed segment - our exclusive interview with those very personable Moorehouse Rams - a big baaaaahhhhhhh to come!

Hopefully, we'll be in podcast land soon!


Blogger Merrill Mason said...

Go ladies! You will be extremely funny and entertaining and clever. I'm waiting........

1:11 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Patiently waiting, with! Did you get any good material last night at the Yarn Harlot do?

8:22 AM  

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