Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Episode 6 Show Notes-Finally

Thanks all for allowing me a few extra days to get over the bridesmaid duty and back on track. I also seriously could not remember ANYTHING that Wendy and I discussed during episode 6-so I had to listen to the WHOLE thing...take notes etc.

Intro: Rosie's Yarn Cellar Update Rosie's Link

Again, we discussed our love of Koigu AD NAUSEUM-but just in case you haven't found it yet

Koigu Wool Designs you can also find Kersti at the Koigu website

I couldn't find a dedicated Claudia Handpaint Website, but aside from Rosie's Yarn Cellar, you can also purchase it online at Kpixie
This should also help you visualize its gorgeousness!

About naming colors---while I was getting a pedicure last week, I likenend naming nail polish colors to naming yarn colors and agree with Carol, that this would be the COOLEST job ever.

Some of our Philly Color Way ideas:
Bacon Egg and Cheese Though I prefer it on a hoagie roll...
Pat's Cheesesteak
Water Ice
Liberty Bell

I also couldn't locate a dedicated website for The Great Adirondack Yarn Co, however, if you do a Google Search, you'll find lots of shops that carry this yarn. Most stock Fluff, which seems to be their most popular out the raw silk and others that Wendy and Carol talked about on the Podcast. They also have THE MOST AMAZING booth at Stitches East every year
SIGN UP FOR A STITCHES EAST brochure here... (Wendy and I are going...)

And yes, we talk about the g** d*nm Clapotis all the time; but in case you missed it:

Clapotis Pattern

Louet Yarn

Big Girl Knits

Fleece Artist

Find the Shetland Triangle Shawl pattern featured in Fast and Wrong in Wrap Style, Interweave Press

Find Anne (one of our favorite yarns) Esperanza and Andrea @ Schaefer yarn

The Sexy Knitters Club Though I am firmly opposed to it!

Find the North Sea Shawl, the Sampler Shawl, the Basic Black Shawl and the Highland Triangle Shawl @ Folk Shawls, Interweave Press

Find Zephyr Yarn @ Halcyon Yarn, Ebay and COUNTLESS other local yarn shops

Find the Icarus Shawl Pattern @ Interweave Knits Summer 2006

Read about the Lace Class Wendy and I are taking @ Loop Classes

Read about circular knitting with two circular needles @ knitting on two circular needles tutorial
Read all about knitting in public @ knitting in public blog

Find Michelle's blog @
Knitster Chelle and learn all about knitting for our furry friends in shelters @ Alliance for Philadelphia's Animals. We will cover more on charity knitting in future episodes. Our friend Allison is a special friend to Afghans for Afghans...

And finally, what did Maggie eat...I couldn't bring myself to take photos of the carnage of the lilac zephyr.


Blogger Wendy said...

Fabulous job Knitty D - welcome back!


5:36 PM  
Anonymous Guido from Boston said...

OMG!!! I just ate a bacon egg and cheese on a bulkie roll. It was delicious.

P.S. Darn you and your plaid rowan sluttyness...

5:07 AM  
Anonymous JoAnn, Wynnewood, PA said...

I'm glad you went to Pat's for the steak sandwich picture and not Geno's - that fascist! I was wondering, since Wendy is a public defender, if she knows my friend Glen Gilman, who is a PD extraordinaire. Also, went to Rosie's last Sunday and it was fun to break the chains of suburbia to see what's happening in the urban yarn world. Tried to get to Loop but South Street was closed. I would love to meet you girls sometime - you sound like my kinda broads. Also, I'm Jewish and I throw my yarn as do my friends. Funny, eh!

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Christina and Wendy - I enjoy the show, and I'm right there with you in terms of endless Koigu procurement! Can one of you email me. I'd love to send a promo your way for the Creative Mom Podcast. Thanks.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Debbie - Horsham, PA said...

Great job on the podcast. Great to hear the local flavor. You keep mentioning the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. I am sure you realize that The Knitting Guild Conference is coming to Valley Forge in July. While it is not nearly as big as Stitches, it still does offer great STASH enhancement opportunities and has many classes for both knitting and crochet.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous victoria said...

I love love love your podcast. If you ever come west, you must visit--podcast from my stash room! I was recently in New Orleans for a conference. One of the few stores open in the French Quarter was a wonderful little yarn and needlepoint shop called The Quarter Stitch. AND it was there I bought my first Koigu!! A fantastic stash enhancement due entirely to your podcast.

9:13 AM  

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