Thursday, September 21, 2006

Abominable and Beyond!

Will the excitement never end??? Not only will we have our new feature, Abomindable Knitting, but here's a few more teasers to wet your whistle -

  • An Interview with Miriam Felton, creator of the oh-so-fab Icarus
  • A Chit Chat with Lisa Mason, author of the newly published Yarn Play
  • And so much more!!!!

In other news, Pointy Sticks has returned!!! After a summer vacation, which included a trip to the U.K., and a visit with Brenda Dayne, Christine is now back on the airwaves. Go on over to her blog, and have a listen - she's been so supportive and helpful of our podcast, and Knitty D and I never miss an episode

And for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity of a lifetime - to purchase our little notions bags and stitchmarkers, our new site is under construction, and hopefully, will be ready in time for your Holiday shopping (and your birthday shopping, and your "I could use a new lipstick but instead I'll buy stitchmarkers" shopping . . .)

Look for a new episode early next week!

Monday, September 18, 2006


You assignment; should you choose to accept it


Here is the link to my ebay items up for sale


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Coming Soon to a Podcast Near You



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Here's a sneak peak at the Knitty D and the City Notions Bags!

As you can see, these 5 x 5 bags are beautifully decorated on the front and the back (my iron has been working overtime!!), and each bag comes with an individually designed, unique set of stitchmarkers, made by Knitty D and I.

It's not Cafe Press, but they're fun, and we hope you'll like them!

When we started this podcast, as I've said before, I thought of it like an old Judy Garland/Andy Rooney movie - where the kids all gather 'round, and the dialogue goes something like this, "hey, we have those costumes left over from last year's Christmas pageant, and my dad's barn in the back yard - hey, that could be a stage. Let's do it gang, let's put on a show." Unfortunately, we are not financed by MGM, and it's really hard to turn a barn into the Palace. So, think of these bags and stitchmarkers as our online Lemonade Stand. If we actually raise any money, it will go towards new equipment, and making our show better for our listeners.

Again, we thank everyone so much for their support. We really enjoy putting this show together, and it still surprises us every day that we have about 1000 people listening per show. And, a special shout out to Susan in Germany and Carol in the UK for our first two audio comments. We were so excited to get them, and we'll definitely be playing them on the next podcast.

So, sometime in the next week or so, I'll be opening an Etsy store to sell our little totes and stitchmarkers. Look for the link soon!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ode to Joy-ous Show notes

I know I am a deliquent show note writer---but quite frankly, it's been a bit dramatic since Wendy, the bagels and I returned from the Cape. I'm going to keep these pretty brief, as I listened to the PODCAST on the way home and frankly can't remember everything Wendy and I gabbed about.

For those who care, my butt still really hurts.

Wendy, Mom and I visited the following yarn shops in our travels:

A Stitch Above--Providence, RI

Knitting Treasures (no website), 17 Court Street, Plymouth, MA 02620 508.747.2500

Blue Heron Yarn Studio--Barnstable, MA

The LadyBug Knitting Shop 612 Route 6A (Main Street) Dennis, Ma 508-385-2662

Adventures in Knitting--Harwichport, MA

and on the way home, we stopped by Knitting Central--in Westport, CT

Honestly, I can't/don't want to remember the name of the shop where I broke my ass...

We also visited with Susan from Lobster Port Yarns--see show notes episode 5 for links to shops that sell Susan's DELICIOUS yarns

Don't forget to join us for the Black Bunny Yarn HOP-A-LONG---hop on over to the side pane and click on the bunny hop button...

And soon to come, the MAUDE A LONG, from Courtney Kelly's Smith Island Pattern Works. I've finally seen the Maude in person-it is GORGEOUS and I can not wait to make it. In fact, I put five skeins of Koigu aside at Rosie's the other night.

Here's a shout out to Sherry---my head is fine after the zephyr cone incident...we can't wait for our presents.

Also coming soon, handmade, beaded stitch markers and Knitty D and the City notions bags. Wendy plans to open a Knitty D and the City Shop Blog; we have some inventory ready to go and can even take special orders (like the ones I made for Trish that say "Arthur--" which is her boyfriend's name or the one's that Wendy made for me that say, "Beagle").

Speaking of beagles!!!! Happy 8th Birthday to Miss Molly and Happy 2nd Birthday to Miss Maggie!!!!

I think I covered most of the good stuff...feel free to comment if I missed anything!

Peace, Love and Yarn

Knitty D

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Episode 11 - Ode to Joy

Welcome to the Joy House! Walk with us, as we visit Plymouth Rock, the House of Six Beagles, and of course, every yarn shop on the Cape.

Knit-A-Long with us at the Black Bunny Hop!

And, chat with us - we're tired of hearing ourselves talk(well, maybe not . . .), and we'd love to hear from you! If you want to record a message for Knitty D and the City (and we really want to hear about your Black Bunny!!) just click on the word record, and send us a comment.

Click Here to Download Episode 11 -

Show notes coming soon!