Sunday, April 30, 2006

Coming Soon: Episode 2

Here's a preview of our next installment:

We'll be coming to you from two VERY important knitting events
--The Morehouse Merino "Ram in the Van" tour, with our exclusive interview with the Morehouse Rams. It promises to be a riveting interview for all of ewe.

--The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. We are leaving at 7am in the Subaru Wool-Mobile. I lied to Wendy yesterday and told her there were only two projects I was shopping for yarn for. I am a pathological, lying yarn slut. I'm working on a donation from dad, who conveniently remembered this morning that he owes me $240...that should help with my sluttage!

We hope to have the next installment up next weekend...I know you are all waiting with baited promises to be FANTASTIC!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Episode One: Knitty D Takes on the City

Welcome to Knitty D and the City!!! Two girls, four sticks, three Beagles, and not enough yarn in the world!

Wendy and Knitty D experiment with the traveling recording studio...

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DELICIOUS links from this episode:

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2006 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Koigu Koigu Koigu!

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Almanac

Barbara Walker Stitch Guide(there are four volumes; many local yarn shops carry some/all of the books-I ordered mine through, so here is there link)


Blue Sky Alpaca Silk

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Our PodSafe Music

Nicollette by ST. CHRISTOPHER, Aeria Records

Rubber Raft, David Vesel

Mr Sunshine!, after touch

Me, My Music and My iDog Jesta

Always Evermore, Eric Dietrich

Happy Rinaldi Sings

Episode One Photo Gallery

Fast and WRONG!!!

Interview with Grace Anna Robbins

Grace poses with "her book!" Great Job Grace (and Lisa and Courtney!)

Folk Shawl Chat

Christina's sampler shawl in progress; can't wait to share the finished project!

Yarn Sluts

Wendy's Koigu Elizabeth Zimmerman Pie Shawl Extravaganza

What did Maggie eat?

This is all the remains of the Brittany Birch...

The scene of the crime: my living room floor---the "clap" lays helpless...I found the other needle (what was left of it) on the couch

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Coming Soon to A Theater Near You!

Not quite ready to go, but soon - Knitty D and the City will be hitting the airwaves. We've got our software, we've got our feed, now all we need, is . . . uh, a show.

Join us on our knitting journey through Philadelphia. Each month (or maybe twice a month), we'll pick a lovely Philly locale to sit and knit, chat and share - I know, can't you hear the string music SWELLING!!! We'll be roadtrippin' to Maryland Sheep and Wool, making the pilgrimage to South Philly to watch our dear Phils crush those damn Yankees, and of course, the can't be missed segment - our exclusive interview with those very personable Moorehouse Rams - a big baaaaahhhhhhh to come!

Hopefully, we'll be in podcast land soon!